Naturally Derived Dog Ear Cleaner




My Dog Now Trusts Me Since I Started Using This No Pain Soothing Dog Ear Cleaner

Pet-Plicity dog ear wash begins its success in treating dogs ears with its high quality vegetable based ingredients, to which is added only the finest of natural derived compounds including soothing coconut oil, and the healing action from the precious citrus extracts.

While these are the foundation of this amazing painless dog ear wash, just as important to its success is the absence of any harsh chemicals like preservatives, sulphate, parabens, MEA, DEA, or alcohol.

Here is What You and Your Dog Can Count on When You Use Pet-Plicity Dog Ear Wash;

1. Soothing comfort gets rid of irritation
2. Clean odorless ears that feel good,look good and smell good
3. A happy dog that has dirt and wax free ears
4. No more stress from seeing your best friend suffer from this ear problem
5. No more feeling embarrassed about people coming into your home because the dog ear odor was so putrid

For dogs suffering with itchy irritated ears due to wax and debris build up, this Pet-Plicity Dog Ear Wash is their ultimate solution.

If dogs could smile then you would certainly get a great big one once you start your dog on this effective and easy to use dog ear wash that is so gentle it can be used as part of a maintenance dog ear care program too

Go ahead scroll to the top and BUY Now! You and your dog can’t wait any longer for the solution you have both been waiting for. We are so convinced you will be delighted with this product we offer a 100% money back guarantee!


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